Self portraits - Fire

Although abstract pieces are better left to the interpretation of the viewer, I'd like to be clear that painting serves mainly as a creative scapegoat where everything that I won't be able to create within my lifetime can be potentially manifested.

That, and a heavy dose of inspiration from my previous experiencies attending wixarika ceremonies where the fire serves as the main communication vessel to a spiritual realm. Specially, I try to think of the beginning of everything, that moment where, if we agree with the Big Bang Theory, everything that was, is and will be, was concentrated in a sub-atomic pellet. How did this nothingness that became everything transition from one state of complete comunion to an absolute chaos of energy that shaped all that is material?

With this, I try to answer, how does raw creativity look? How does the formless look before becoming the "myriad of things"? How can one materialize the non-material visually?